Megan Branigan


Director of Marketing and eCommerce

As an experienced marketing executive working in the media, arts and tourism sectors, Megan has the skill, drive and creativity to provide unrivalled multichannel marketing solutions and create incredible content. Skilled in digital, social and traditional marketing methods, she knows what drives conversions but where Megan really shines is content creation.

After spending over 15 years working in media, PR and marketing for major brands and startups, she intimately understands what creates smash hit launches, engaging design, stellar interviews and how to craft compelling copy. Megan believes it’s how well you connect with the heart and soul of people, communicating with honesty and passion that wins hearts, minds and awareness.

Megan has previously lent her talents and honed her skills at: Australian Consolidated Press, Pulse Radio and Intermedia Group across a variety of positions including Staff Writer, Editor, Marketing Coordinator and Marketing Manager.  She is now loving working at Welcome to Country in the Marketing Department. The fast paced, passionate team environment challenges her professionally, whilst working to help create meaningful social and economic change for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community fulfills Megan personally.

Megan holds a Master of Media Practice from the University of Sydney.