Our Top School Holidays Essentials

Our Top School Holidays Essentials

The first school holidays of 2024 are fast approaching and Welcome to Country has you covered when it comes to keeping the little ones busy. We have plenty of fun, educational and entertaining items for all occasions, whether that be for when the kids are out on Country or just curled up at home. Here are our top picks for keeping the kids entertained over the school holidays. 

Weaving Kit

The school holidays are the perfect time for kids to pick up a new skill and why not let that be weaving. In Indigenous culture, the art of weaving and fibre work is an important form of storytelling and a way of passing down knowledge through generations. 

Our Tjanpi Learn to Weave Kits are from Irrunytju, Western Australia, a social enterprise that works with women in the remote Central and Western deserts who earn an income from contemporary fibre art. The kits come with everything the kids will need to weave their own basket, so they get to walk away with not only a piece of craft to be proud of but also a century old life skill. 

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Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Autumn can still get steamy hot when out on Country so staying hydrated is essential for the little ones. Our Bush Medicine water bottles are crafted from premium stainless steel and are double-walled, so your drinks will stay at their optimum temperature for hours. They come in 9 beautiful and unique patterns, so the kids are free to choose whatever they fancy! 

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Aboriginal Science Topic Cards

Science has been a prominent part of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture for tens of thousands of years. As the world’s oldest living culture, Indigenous Australians were subjected to some of the earliest catastrophic events like meteorites, tsunamis and entire ice ages. This means some of the world’s earliest scientists and inventors were Indigenous Australians and they continue to be an integral part of contemporary science today. 

Our Aboriginal Science Topic Cards celebrate the role science has played in Aboriginal culture and contain 25 examples of scientific ingenuity from Aboriginal people including Boomerangs, Aerodynamics, Traditional Fire Management and so much more! The cards are double-sided: one side with beautiful visuals to accompany the topic, and the other side a snapshot of information to get the kids started with learning about that particular topic. 

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Mulganai: A First Nations Colouring Book by Emma Hollingsworth

Let Emma Hollingsworth, aka Mulganai take the kids on a journey through Country. In Mulganai, Emma celebrates the places she grew up, the stories that were passed down through her ancestors and the surrounding flora and fauna that decorated her beautiful community through 45 artworks to colour. The artworks are paired with stories and descriptions in Emma’s own words, so the kids can not only marvel at the beautiful artworks they’ve created but also celebrate Emma’s life. 

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Bush Foods Snap!

The distinct and unique Australian landscape is home to an array of plant foods that have been utilised and nurtured by Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years. Quandong, Wattleseed, Kakadu Plum and Saltbush are just a few. With our Bush Foods Snap Game, the kids can learn about the important concept of matching pairs as well as all about these native plant foods.

P.S. If you’re feeling inspired after a game of snap, why not pick out some of your favourites from our native foods range such as Dried Finger Lime from Warndu or Ground Wattle Seeds from Mabu Mabu and whip up something delicious in the kitchen. 

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Hair Scrunchies – Warlukurlangu

There’s nothing worse than when you’re out on Country, sweating from every inch of your body and your hair sticks to your neck because you forgot a hair tie. Our cotton hair scrunchies feature artwork from Warlukurlangu artists that are so bright and colourful that the kids will have it strapped to their wrists so when the time strikes, the hair can come off the face and the fun can continue! 

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Come Together Book

As the traditional custodians of this land, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders have an infinite amount of things they can teach us. In Come Together, Yorta Yorta and Gunditjmara man and musician Isaiah Firebrace shares 20 of the most important subjects that all Australian kids should know about their First Peoples, from caring for Country and Dreaming stories to the importance of Elders and the Indigenous origins of AFL. In this heartwarming picture book, Isaiah encourages every Aussie kid to be proud that they are home to the longest continuing culture on Earth! 

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Justin Butler Keep Cup

Why limit the fun to the kids? When it’s seven in the morning and the kids are begging to go outdoors, a cup of coffee in our Justin Butler Keep Cup will be your best friend. They’re double walled which means your fingers and hands won’t suffer if you like your coffee steaming hot! Our insulated porcelain mug features artwork by Justin Butler from North Queensland, Australia. 

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