Meet First Nations Tourism Mentoring Program mentee Marcus Brady – Mandingalbay Authentic Indigenous Tours

Meet First Nations Tourism Mentoring Program mentee Marcus Brady – Mandingalbay Authentic Indigenous Tours

First Nations tourism has emerged as a vibrant and transformative industry, showcasing the rich heritage and beauty of First Nations cultures.

The First Nations Tourism Mentoring Program (FNTMP) is a gateway to unlocking opportunities in this exciting field. By connecting aspiring businesses with experienced mentors, the FNTMP empowers participants to thrive in First Nations tourism.

The FNTMP is a free initiative focused on fostering growth and development in First Nations tourism. It aims to bridge a gap in the industry by providing First Nations tourism businesses across Australia with access to free, one-on-one mentoring from industry specialists. The FNTMP recognises the power of mentorship to nurture talent, build capacity, and create sustainable opportunities in First Nations tourism.

Marcus Brady of Mandingalbay Authentic Indigenous Tours (MAIT) has decided to sign up to the program. Marcus said, “As a new Indigenous Tourism Operator and a small business, we have so much to learn. Firstly, our most important asset is our human resource, our Mandingalbay Yidinji tourism team, and so ideas and opportunities around training through collaboration and mentorship to ensure they are supported in their roles is vital. Also, to increase our sustainability as a tourism operator working within an Indigenous Protected Reserve, understanding that once our people and environment are taken care of, sustainable revenue and profit will come next.”

Marcus believes the program and his mentor will be able to provide “more tricks of the trade, learning from other Indigenous operators who have been in the game longer than us regarding their delivery of culture through their tourism activities. Gaining insight into how to make our experience more meaningful, more hands on and more memorable for our guests from Australia and all over the world.”

Marcus sees the FNTMP as a transformative opportunity for Mandingalbay Authentic Indigenous Tours and it could be for your business too. By participating in this program, you will gain access to experienced mentors who will guide you on your business journey, helping you develop essential skills, and unlock your potential.

pplications to access mentoring through the FNTMP are now open. Apply at

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