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7 Ways to Be Brave and Make Change this Reconciliation Week

7 Ways to Be Brave and Make Change this Reconciliation Week

National Reconciliation Week is held annually from the 27th of May until the 3rd of June, encompassing two significant dates in the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples; the successful 1967 referendum and the High Court Mabo decision.

This year’s theme is “Be Brave, Make Change” serving as a reminder of the individual power we all hold to have a positive impact along the journey to reconciliation. Every day we have the chance to make mindful decisions that make a big difference, from what we say to where we shop. There’s no time like the present to start being brave and making change by supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, businesses and communities. Here are just a few ways to kickstart your journey!

1. Shop with Purpose


One of the best ways to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, businesses and communities is by shopping with purpose! For many First Nations people, having ones own business is important and empowering, allowing individuals and communities to share and celebrate their cultures and passions while working in a culturally safe environment. The financial independence that flourishes when you shop with purpose allows individuals to stay on Country while supporting their families and communities. This Reconciliation Week, pick up your homeware essentials, birthday gifts, stationery and more from Welcome to Country and directly support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, businesses and communities.

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One of most valuable ways to take action towards reconciliation is by sharing your values to build your impact. On a personal level, this could be shown through meaningful conversations with friends and family, content sharing on social media or wearing your values on your sleeve. In your workplace, build your impact by establishing and distributing clear social impact goals to continually support First Nations people and businesses. Reconciliation Action Plans can be developed to outline these objectives and the strategies you plan to use to achieve them. Once you have registered your Reconciliation Action Plan with Reconciliation Australia, other individuals and organisations can see your commitment to achieving reconciliation, making this a great way to share your values and build your impact!


Welcome to Country can support you and your organisation in developing and achieving the social impact goals within your RAP with tailored solutions ranging from cultural awareness training, corporate cultural retreats and team building experiences to office supplies, corporate gifts and staff incentives that all directly support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander businesses.

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2. Build your impact

3. Expand your understandings

Continual growth and learning is an important part of the journey to reconciliation. By expanding your knowledge and understandings of First Nations people, cultures and experiences, you strengthen your ability to have a positive impact on yourself and those around you.


Our brilliant range of moving, educational and entertaining books written by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors are the perfect starting point on your journey of education. From beautifully illustrated children’s books, to heartwarming novels and gorgeous coffee table books, there is something wonderful for every family member.

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Want to learn more about the power of education? Check out our blog to learn about the incredible work of the Sharing Stories Foundation.

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Make change by learning directly from the Custodians of Country and the world’s oldest living cultures this Reconciliation Week.


Taste incredible foods inspired by native ingredients, seek thrills aboard quad bikes and kayaks or witness spectacular arts and environments. Every Welcome to Country experience offers unparalleled insights into First Nations cultures across Australia, giving you the opportunity to learn and engage with knowledgeable Traditional Custodians and cultural guides who carry the wisdom of the world’s oldest living cultures. Take a positive step in the journey to reconciliation by inviting your friends, family and colleagues to make lasting memories while expanding your understandings.

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Read our blog to find out why a cultural immersion should be on your travel bucket list!

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4. Actively engage

5. Empower First Nations voices

 It is always important to have equal representation in the media, giving all people the opportunity to share, learn and exchange ideas and understandings. This Reconciliation Week and always, take time to empower First Nations voices by watching, listening and engaging with some of the countless incredible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural icons and brave faces at the forefront of positive change.


Our Whatchamacallit series is the perfect opportunity to hear from some of these familiar change-makers. Watch and listen as national icons Stan Grant, Mark Olive, Barkaa, Ziggy Ramo, Dobby and Matty Mills share their stories of Country, culture, family and careers through intimate conversations with Aunty Rhoda Roberts AO and Djon Mundine OAM.

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Or, embark on a journey with Kamilaroi man Matty Mills as he explores some of Welcome to Country’s incredible Sydney experiences as the first ever Indigenous host of Getaway.

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Share your values with pride this Reconciliation Week.


Our stunning range of First Nations fashion is a great way to show your support for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, businesses and cultures. Shop streetwear with a statement from Clothing the Gaps, vibrant and luxurious designs by Kirrikin or beautiful matching sets for Mums and bubs by Amber Days.

All of these fashion items are not only fun and stylish, but are a shining reflection of your commitment to the journey of reconciliation. Every purchase with Welcome to Country directly supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

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6. Share your values


7. Celebrate at home

 Show your commitment to reconciliation from the moment your guests step inside your home with vibrant homewares that share the stories of Country and culture.


From spectacular rugs to brighten your space to gorgeous pillow covers, bespoke artworks, serving platters, candles and tablecloths, there is something to make everyone smile. Treat yourself to a beautiful celebration of First Nations cultures throughout your home or surprise your friends, family and colleagues with a gift to treasure well beyond this year’s Reconciliation Week.

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Need some more inspiration? Read our blog to learn 10 ways to transform your home into an Aboriginal art gallery!

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