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Join us for a spectacular episode of adventure and culture as we Wander Out Yonder in Western Australia. Matty Mills and the Getaway Team experienced three of our incredible Perth Experiences. Discover magnificent King's Park and learn why it is a significant Yorga’s place, women and children’s place. Learn about the native plants and their traditional uses, the native wildlife and the Noongar six seasons. Visit Beautiful Mandoon Estate for a delicious Bush Tucker Tasting, then enjoy an intimate Kings Park didgeridoo concert.

Getaway and Wander Out Yonder in Western Australia – Perth Experiences

Kings Park Yorga’s Walk

Take in the magnificent gardens of Kings Park in Perth, Western Australia and enjoy the spectacular views overlooking Perth City and the Swan River, also known as Derbal Yerrigan in Nyungar language. Be captivated as your guide Kerry-Anne shares her stories of this sacred landscape, hear about the Yorga’s place, women and children’s place.

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Mandoon Estate Bush Tucker Tasting

Join us for a bush tucker tasting and talk at Mandoon Estate winery in the Swan Valley region of Western Australia. The Swan Valley region holds a truly unique history influenced by the Traditional Owners of the land. Mandoon Estate is located on Noongar land and this experience provides a unique opportunity to listen to the stories of this area and learn about local Indigenous food and culture from Noongar Elder, Dale Tilbrook.

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Whadjuk Biddi Kings Park

Join Olman, a proud Wilman, Balardong, Bindjareb, Wadjuk Noongar man as he takes you on a 90 minutes journey through Kaarta Koomba (Kings Park). Learn about the native plants and their traditional uses, the native wildlife and the Noongar six seasons in this leisurely paced walking tour through some of the spectacular bushlands and gardens with a Traditional Custodian. Then take a seat as Olman introduces you to some traditional musical entertainment with song and didgeridoo.

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Getaway and Wander Out Yonder in Western Australia – Coral Coast Experiences

Didgeridoo Dreaming Night Tour

Come and join us for an amazing night time didgeridoo experience under a sky of magnificent stars in Monkey Mia on the Coral Coast of Western Australia. Learn about local Aboriginal culture and history and lose yourself in the stories of the Dreamtime as you transcend into the ancient and fascinating history of the Gutharraguda, Aboriginal name for Shark Bay meaning ‘Two Waters’. Be carried away by the ancient sounds of the didgeridoo and enjoy fresh seafood or bush tucker cooked on our warm campfire.

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Kayak and Wildlife Adventure

Enjoy a fun filled day on this amazing kayaking adventure exploring the magnificent Shark Bay World Heritage Area, on the Coral Coast of Western Australia. Shark Bay is renowned for its crystal-clear turquoise oceans that are just teeming with spectacular wildlife including manta rays, dolphins and dugongs. Kayaking is the perfect way to experience this aquatic wonderland up close. Discover why Shark Bay is listed as a World Heritage Area and learn why local Aboriginal people refer to the area as a ‘strong spiritual place’.

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Burrawa Indigenous Climb – Sydney Harbour Bridge

Experience the magnificent expanse of Sydney Harbour like never before with Burrawa Bridge Climb. Accompanied by your charismatic Indigenous storyteller and guide, scale to the iconic summit of the spectacular Sydney Harbour Bridge. As you rise burrawa (upwards), see the city through the eyes of First Nations people, listening to the stories of the Gadigal people that span thousands of years. This a truly unforgettable experience, reminding all people that the world’s oldest living cultures continue to thrive even in our bustling cities.

Available on the last Saturday of each month.

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Bush Food Cocktails and Canapés

Set amidst the peaceful surrounds of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, join your First Nations cultural guide and wander the tranquil area as you learn to identify and collect the region’s bountiful native bush foods, stopping to try a few along the way.

Later, take in the breathtaking sites of iconic Sydney Harbour as the sun sets over Gadigal Country. Sip elegant cocktails made from premium seasonal ingredients from a zesty and refreshing finger lime spritz to saltbush martinis. Indulge in a delicious four course canapé tasting menu starring delicate native flavours and ingredients that perfectly compliment your cocktails.

Available Friday-Sunday 6:00 – 7:30pm

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