Lucy Norton

Experiences & Sales Manager

Lucy is a proudly queer, Koori and Quechua person who grew up on Dharawal land in Campbelltown. They join Welcome to Country as Experience & Sales Executive, and are eager to be a part of a dynamic, Aboriginal led social enterprise.

For the past few years Lucy has been running a small business, Magpie Song Healing, alongside her sister Jessie. Together they offer empowering practices such as Wayapa Wuurrk, breathwork, and alternative trauma healing. She has a love of weaving as a means of connecting to her ancestors and shares this through workshops with her sister. Lucy is also a trained end-of-life doula, who is passionate about decolonising death care, educating people on their rights and normalising conversations about grief.

Passionate about storytelling, Lucy is also an emerging writer who speaks of connection to Country and spirit, reconnecting to heritage, intergenerational trauma, ancestral strength, and many other themes. They believe it is important that those who have been systemically marginalised tell their stories, and bring to light perspectives that may often be left out of the mainstream narrative in Australia.

As a person from a diverse background, she is adept at communicating with people from all walks of life. She brings over a decade of customer service and office support experience with her to her role at Welcome To Country. Lucy is excited to be contributing to an organisation that empowers Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.