Indigenous Business Month 2023: To Gather, Together

Indigenous Business Month 2023: To Gather, Together

Indigenous Business Month recently announced this year’s theme, ‘To Gather, Together,’ and Welcome to Country are taking this opportunity to reflect on the theme. To Gather, Together talks to the community of Indigenous Businesses and the unity and support within First Nations communities.

It resonates deeply within Welcome to Country, a thriving not-for-profit marketplace that stands at the forefront of promoting First Nations entrepreneurship and continuity of culture through sustainable tourism.

At Welcome to Country, we wholeheartedly embrace the principles of reciprocity and mutual respect, which have allowed us to collaborate with and spotlight extraordinary artists, products, and experiences. Through these meaningful partnerships, we not only enhance our diverse offerings but also play a significant role in fostering the growth and prosperity of Indigenous businesses and the communities they represent. By valuing and incorporating their expertise and wisdom, we create a collective bond that brings richness and authenticity to our shared journey.

Welcome to Country demonstrates a deep commitment to giving back. We recognise that First Nations people have been excluded from economic opportunity and independence, so we have become a conduit for creating positive change, celebrating and recognising the value of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists, businesses and communities.

Indigenous Business Month provides an opportunity to spotlight and honour our remarkable operators and suppliers. As we come together, a vibrant tapestry of connections, information, ideas, and opportunities unfurls, enriching our collective journey and celebrating the diversity and creativity within our Indigenous business network.

To Gather, Together

Gathering is at the heart of building relationships. We gather to seek solace, to seek feedback, to find information and inspiration and to generate friendship and connection.

By gathering together, we challenge ourselves to broaden our minds, think anew, brainstorm solutions and act differently for better futures. It is in the spaces we create when we gather, that we connect and uplift one another in times of pressure and stress.

Strengthening our Indigenous business sector requires strong relationships at a local level, through gathering and exploring the crossovers between what’s happening in our businesses, in the community and in our personal lives. A rich tapestry of connections, information, ideas, and opportunities are woven each and every time we gather.

Therefore, in October 2023, Indigenous Business Month calls upon communities and Indigenous businesses To Gather, Together.

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