FNTMP Success Stories: Djinda Kaal Dreaming and WAITOC

FNTMP Success Stories: Djinda Kaal Dreaming and WAITOC

Djinda Kaal Dreaming is an Aboriginal owned and led business that provides immersive art workshops, cultural experiences, commissioned pieces, and souvenirs in Western Australia.

Fiona Reidy is a Noongar artist that owns and runs all of Djinda Kaal services. Her artist name is ‘Djinda Kaal’ meaning ‘Star Fire’, chosen by her mother, and the namesake for her business Djinda Kaal Dreaming. She is passionate about bring her culture's past into the present through her art and teachings.

Djinda Kaal Dreaming was seeking assistance to improve and grow their art and cultural experience business. Lisa Hindmarsh (mentor) assisted them with the focus areas identified below.

Business planning and support

  • Assisted in securing the Heathcote Cultural Precinct for the 6 Seasons art workshops which secured the first international booking of Djinda Kaal Dreaming
  • Implemented Redzy booking platform to reduce administration time


  • Supported the attendance of the Forum Advocating Cultural and Eco-Tourism (FACET) events and met with a journalist from the City of South Perth to feature in their City of South Perth Peninsular magazine (reaches 26,000 households)


  • Advised mentee to sign up to Destination Perth and attend networking events enabling the following network connections and opportunities:
  • Received a discounted banner and display at their recent networking event
  • Requested by a tourism business to design a piece for a skydiving plane
  • Requested to display art and host workshops at a Winery

Professional development

  • Supported the attendance of Tourism Council Training Workshop on Social Media connecting to the following opportunities:
  • WellStrategic is producing a new website for access to workshops, art sales, and cultural services 
  • Content creator to assist with stories and posts on Instagram
  • Requested to complete a window wrap of Bell Tower and host an art exhibition later in 2024 to produce a mural


  • Explored partnerships with Kings Park for workshop spaces and Whiteman Park to rebrand their logo design, uniform, and mural in the park

FNTMP mentoring outcomes

Djinda Kaal Dreaming has grown their network and opportunities with the support of their FNTMP
mentor over the past year. There was a particular focus on:

  • Improving business processes (i.e. website, Redzy) and connections through networking events
    and training 
  • Growing business opportunities through exploration of partnerships and network connections

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