Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Immersions

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Immersions

A cultural immersion is the act of surrounding yourself with the culture of a place. An immersion can be staying with a family in a community or sharing a meal with locals listening, laughing and learning. An Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural immersion will leave you with a completely new perspective and experience of Australia. Although seemingly simple a First Nations immersive experience creates a deeper understanding of a place and people leaving the traveller with a meaningful connection. Immersive experiences not only benefit the traveller but also the places, cultures or communities visited and these benefits go far beyond the simple tourism dollar. Sharing in a culture preserves it, creates cross-cultural respect and opens a dialogue for understanding and change.

Australia offers a huge variety of Indigenous immersions from the Cape to the Bight each unique to the local Indigenous culture and the spectacular Australian landscape. New South Wales is home to Australia’s largest Aboriginal population. More than 80 unique Aboriginal groups are represented and with such cultural diversity available New South Wales offers you some of the most accessible and remarkable Aboriginal immersive experiences in Australia.


Explore Yuin Country on the South Coast of New South Wales with Ngaran Ngaran Culture Awareness and learn and immerse yourself in the region’s culture. On this two-night, one day experience you will learn about the significance of Gulaga Mountain and the surrounding Country and experience Yuin culture and hear the dreaming. Some highlights of the experience include a traditional sound healing workshop, cooking demonstration and cultural explanation of regional bush foods and traditional healing techniques.

In South Australia the premium Ikara Flinders Ranges experience from Wilpena Pound Resort offers two nights of cultural glamping. Enjoy scenic flights, luxury 4WD tours and walking tours of spectacular Wilpena Pound and the surrounding gorges and ranges. The cultural tours available at the resort explain the Adnyamathanha story of how the Akurra (serpents) formed Ikara Wilpena Pound and the history of European and Aboriginal interaction in the region.

Unearth a deep connection to nature and connect with Country with Yarriba Dreaming on their three-day cultural journey. Yarriba means “walking together” and this immersive cultural experience will guide you towards greater Connection with our personal and shared wilderness heritage. Immerse yourself in the ancient landscape of Queensland’s Scenic Rim region, close to two hours’ drive west of Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Enjoy nature walks, sharing stories, learning traditional Indigenous ways of living, and considering your own place in nature.

Wukalina Walk is an incredible four-day Aboriginal guided walk of the larapuna and wukalina areas of Tasmania and incorporates the famous Bay of Fires area, the cultural homeland of the palawa. The walk will deepen your understanding of palawa culture and community as well as immerse you in the natural and rugged beauty of Tasmania. You will walk with palawa guides in the footsteps of their traditional people on their cultural homeland. You will hear the palawa creation story and participate in cultural practices that have been passed down for hundreds of generations.

Air Kimberley offers luxury small group multi day experiences exploring the Bungle Bungle and Purnululu National Park. These premium experiences include scenic flights, exclusive cultural walking tours, glamping and luxury accommodation. And the local Indigenous guides provide in-depth knowledge of the history and culture as well as taking you to the best waterfalls, swimming holes and rock art sites of the region.

Indigenous cultural immersions celebrate the people and traditions that make each place special and unique. They create connections between travellers and locals, and foster the exchange of ideas and experiences. Making travel better for everyone and creating true connections.

As a First Nations led and operated social enterprise with a vision for more prosperous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, our mission is to provide additional pathways for First Nations entrepreneurs to connect and share their practices in a culturally safe environment enabling greater economic independence. Cultural immersions are a like the ones listed on Welcome to Country create economic opportunity while allowing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to remain on Country, in community and practice culture. By booking an immersion you are contributing to this economic independence and continuation of culture.

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