8 Unforgettable Aboriginal Art Experiences

8 Unforgettable Aboriginal Art Experiences

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art is beautiful, unique and meaningful. Every performance and creation celebrates the stories of the world’s oldest living cultures through spectacular combinations of contemporary and traditional storytelling. Witnessing these incredible performances and creations by First Nations people is a privilege, and hearing directly from the artists and creators behind them is even more so. Spend time watching, listening and deeply engaging with Aboriginal art through these 8 unforgettable cultural experiences.


QAGOMA First Artists Evening Indigenous Experience

Immerse yourself in the art and cultures of First Nations people throughout an exclusive, three hour private group experience amidst QAGOMA’s extensive Indigenous Australian art collection.

Begin your evening as you are honoured by a Welcome to Country, then sip refreshments before commencing a guided tour of the spectacular collection. Learn about traditional art techniques as you express your own creativity through a guided workshop led by a local Aboriginal artist. As you explore different styles of First Nations art, indulge in delightful canapés crafted by Koori Chef Chris Jordan as you learn about the culinary uses of fresh native ingredients. At the end of your evening, take home a gift courtesy of the QAGOMA store and Aboriginal Art Co to remember this incredible evening of art and culture by.

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Bangarra - Sandsong at Sydney Opera House

Bangarra Dance Theatre is Australia’s premiere First Nations dance company. Throughout July 2022, seize the opportunity to witness Bangarra live through Sandsong: stories of the Great Sandy Desert at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

This magnificent performance of traditional and contemporary dance shares the unique story of the Kimberleys and the survival of its People. Under the vast Kimberley sky, the red pindan dust stretches across the desert homelands of the Walmajarri, where the ancient knowledge of People and of Country is preserved through Songlines that have endured for hundreds of generations. Witness as these stories are shared through a powerful combination of art, light, music and dance.

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Wakaj - A Traditional Corroboree Experience

 Wakaj – a Traditional Corroboree Experience is an unmissable opportunity to deeply engage with First Nations cultural practices through a moving celebration of meaningful performative art.


Join Pintirri Dancers beneath the vibrant hues of sunset as you are taken on a journey through the sounds of traditional Karajarri songs, echoing through the surrounding bushlands. Maru (traditional Corroborees) have deep spiritual purpose and connectivity. Wakaj is a typical gathering of your guides’ families that they generously share with others through a fun, emotive and entertaining interpretation of Maru. Learn about Bugarrigarra (The Dreaming) through stories, song and dance as you enjoy damper, tea, coffee and sweet bush food honey.

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Dot Painting Experience


For thousands of years, Anangu people have passed down their knowledge generation to generation, to keep the land, their culture and their people strong. Through an incredible 90 minute dot painting experience, Anangu artists invite you to learn a bit about their culture through the bold and meaningful celebration of art.

Seated at the foot of sacred and majestic Uluru, learn about ancient symbols and techniques used in Anangu dot painting before applying your knowledge to create a masterpiece of your own. listen closely as your teacher and interpreter share insights into the tools and significance of each artistic practice, deepening your understanding of contemporary and traditional Anangu life.

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Waringarri Art Centre Tour

 Connect with Miriwoong Country and culture amidst the brilliant Kimberley landscape in Kununurra through an in depth tour of Western Australia’s oldest Aboriginal art centre, Waringarri Art Centre.


Surrounded by Waringarri’s spectacular array of First Nations art, begin your experience with a traditional Welcome to Country. Be inspired by local artists as you engage in meaningful conversation, learning insights into their beautiful creations. Later, listen as your guides share Dreaming stories of the region, taste delicious homemade damper and be transported by the haunting sounds of the didgeridoo.

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Before embarking on this unforgettable experience, check out these gorgeous hand engraved boab nuts by Waringarri Artists.

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Traditional Aboriginal Art Workshop


Join Nyungar Wadjuk man and celebrated artist Justin Martin for a fun and informative art workshop in Perth.

Seated in the fun and relaxed environment of Justin’s workshop, listen to the culture, history and creation stories that inspire his artworks seen dotted throughout Perth as spectacular public murals. Learn about the significance of specific symbols, stories and colours used in Nyungar art as you try your hand at painting your own design based on the techniques passed down to Justin from generation to generation.

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Two Day Daintree Aboriginal Art and Survival

 Explore the natural wonders of Kuku Yalanji Country as you engage with the traditional knowledge and practices of this beautiful region in Tropical North Queensland.


Join Traditional Custodians, the Walker family, and wander the World Heritage Listed Daintree Rainforest as you learn about its abundance of resources and their uses for survival. Learn traditional hunting and gathering techniques while enjoying a variety of activities such as spear fishing, finding bush foods, hiking and visiting sacred sites. Visit the Janbal Aboriginal Art Gallery, a special place where you will learn about Aboriginal art styles and culture with local Kuku Yalanji artist and Traditional Custodian Binna. Witness Binna’s contemporary art style inspired by his homeland of the Daintree rainforest and the Great Barrier Reef as you enjoy time to relax and create your own work of art to take home.

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Aboriginal Art and Dreamtime Stories


Join Wardandi Bibbulmun woman Dale Tilbrook for a meditative afternoon of art and conversation.

Nestled in Western Australia’s beautiful Swan Valley, the relaxed setting of Maalinup Aboriginal Gallery is the perfect space to learn, engage and explore. Yarn with Dale as she shares traditional dot painting techniques, then allow your new understandings to guide the evolution of your mini masterpiece. As you paint, taste delicious bush foods and listen as Dale shares Dreaming stories of the region before taking time to explore the lush bush food garden and stopping to feed the friendly emus.

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