Celebrate First Nations cultures with a vibrant dinner party

Celebrate First Nations cultures with a vibrant dinner party

Rain, hail or shine, we think the best way to spend an evening is by hosting a dinner party filled with incredible food, beautiful décor, laughter and long yarns with friends. Plan a meal your friends will never forget with our beautiful range of cook books, native ingredients, table décor and serving platters all filled with stories of Country, cultures and connection.

Step 1. Preparing your meal

Mabu Mabu: An Australian Kitchen Cookbook

Nornie Bero is the charismatic and talented Torres Strait Islander founder of widely celebrated Melbourne restaurant and food brand Mabu Mabu. The vibrant Mabu Mabu recipe book is bursting with colour, reflecting Nornie’s approach to cooking: simple, accessible, delicious and colourful! Unlock the secrets of Australian herbs, spices, vegetables and fruits and learn to champion native flavours in every meal. Use the Mabu Mabu cookbook to start preparing an incredible main to delight your guests, from spicy desert lime and watermelon salad to fresh and zesty lemon aspen mussels.


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Written by Warndu founders Damien Coulthard and Rebecca Sullivan, Warndu Mai (Good Food) Cookbook is a gorgeous celebration of culture, featuring 80 illustrated and accessible recipes. Native ingredients are combined with the dishes we know and love to create delicious, elevated classics that your guests will never forget. Bring out this fantastic book to help plan your perfect dinner party dessert. From sweet and delicate strawberry gum macaroons to rich finger lime and lemon myrtle cheesecake, there are so many delicious recipes that the hardest part of preparing the meal is choosing what to make!


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Warndu Mai (Good Food) Cookbook

Native food and ingredients

Stock up on all of the essential native ingredients to build your show stopping meal. Browse the range to match your recipes, from Mabu Mabu spices bursting with flavour to wild harvested wattleseed balsamic vinegar by Warndu. Pick up some extra goodies to elevate your daily dishes with flavours by First Nations chefs and businesses, such as Quandong, chilli and native lime sauce by Native Oz Bushfoods, wild peach chutney by Indigiearth or bush food chocolates by Chocolate on Purpose.


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When the meal is ready, greet your guests with a refreshingly delicious drink to start your night! Follow these simple steps to make the perfect native iced tea:


Step 1. Brew 10g of Warndu’s Davidson Plum and Lemon Myrtle Loose Leaf Tea in 500ml of boiling water and steep for 3-5 minutes
Step 2. Stir in a spoonful of honey (to taste) and leave to cool
Step 3. Add 500ml of cold water and plenty of ice before pouring into your favourite jug to serve
Step 4. (Optional) Add 60ml of gin or vodka to turn this stunning iced tea into a delicious cocktail!

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Warndu Davidson Plum and Lemon Myrtle Iced Tea


Step 2. Set the table

Linen Table Cloth by Nelly Patterson

Lay the perfect base for your bustling dinner party with a beautiful table cloth. This stunning design by First Nations artist Nelly Patterson shares her deep understanding of the Seven Sisters creation story. The subtle use of muted colours throughout the piece is sure to compliment any dining space and elevate your setting. As you dine on vibrant meals starring native ingredients, share the story of the Seven Sisters with guests and take in the beauty of Nelly Patterson’s design.


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Set a mood of relaxed elegance and breathe in delicate natural aromas with the perfect candle to compliment your table. Candles in a tin by Little Black Duck are a celebration of the native plants and wildflowers that First Nations people have used for millennia. From Bidya to kakadu plum or lemongrass, all of the scents are reminiscent of pristine natural environments in the diverse Nations across Australia. Position your favourite candle on your dinner party table to showcase the beautifully designed tin and enjoy!


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Candle in a Tin by Little Black Duck

Tea towels

Tea towels can sometimes be an after thought, but are an essential element of any dinner party! Extend your celebration of First Nations cultures and art by displaying vibrant designs throughout your kitchen. Each design beautifully showcases stories of culture and community, from Kathleen Buzzacott’s gorgeous interpretation of desert waterholes, to an intricate depiction of Warlungurru bush fires by Patricia Multa.


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Step 3. Serve your masterpiece

Wow your guests from the get-go and introduce a celebration of First Nations cultures from the first bite with a selection of nibbles served on a magnificent serving board by Taungwurrung Kulin artist Mick Harding. Beautifully crafted and made from camphor laurel, the board features a stunning Bunjil & Waa design celebrating the shapes and symbols traditionally used in South-Eastern Australia. The redgum handle makes this functional work of art easy to transport to the table when piled high with all of your favourite native flavours. Top your cheese board with a sprinkle of pepper berry, some bush tomato chutney or Davidson plum relish for a sweet and sour note.


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Bunjil & Waa Design Serving Board

Glass Platters by Wathaurong Glass

Give your incredible meal the introduction it deserves when you display it on an equally stunning glass serving platter. Featuring First Nations designs by Wathaurong Glass, these beautiful works of functional art are the perfect compliment to a dinner filled with celebrations of native flavours. When the party is over, you won’t want to put these gorgeous platters away! Leave them presented on your table top beneath your favourite selection of fruits for a unique art feature to enjoy every day.


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Download your dinner party organisation kit

Ready to start party planning? Download and print our free organisation kit including a Welcome to Country menu card, invitation, shopping list and check list to help you get ready for your unforgettable evening!


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Once you’ve secured your dinner party organisation kit, explore even more inspiration to help you plan your perfect night with our dinner party essentials collection.

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Download your dinner party organisation kit

Explore Aboriginal food experiences

Meals shared with friends and family are always amazing, but there is no better way to learn and engage with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures than by spending time with Traditional Custodians. Our extensive range of over 200 experiences includes unforgettable cultural dining events. Learn the incredible range of health and wellbeing benefits held by a variety of bush foods with Dale Tilbrook, enjoy a full evening of culture, food and conversation at Jiran Island on Bundjalung Country, or delve into a night of cultural entertainment and exceptional dining with Indigiearth. Whether you want to catch and cook your own meal, learn to identify bush foods on a walking tour or fine dine amidst the Daintree Rainforest, there are a wealth of opportunities to celebrate food and First Nations cultures.

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