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Top Didj Virtual Aboriginal Experience


Top Didj

Enjoy a live and interactive virtual cultural experience with Manuel Pamkal at Top Didj & Art Gallery in Katherine, Northern Territory.

A snapshot of Top End Aboriginal culture, Top Didj’s virtual experience is the perfect introduction to Aboriginal culture exploring music, art, traditional artefacts and living life in the bush in the traditional way.

Manuel is passionate about keeping culture alive and sharing it with everyone. During the experience you will listen to a live didgeridoo performance and hear Manuel’s stories of growing up in the bush.  You will be shown the special reed brush called a jalk that is used to paint the line paintings known as rarrk or crosshatch.

Manuel will demonstrate how to light a fire using two sticks and how to throw a spear using a woomera. There will also be multiple opportunities to interact with Manuel and ask questions.  This live experience is perfect for the whole family or anyone interested in learning more about Aboriginal culture.


Insights into your experience

Manuel was born on 5th July 1963, well that is what his driver's license states as they needed a date. Because Manuel has no official record of his date of birth his passport reads 00/00/1966. Manuel does know the area he was born being King River southeast of Katherine. This is where he spent most of his early childhood living a traditional lifestyle.

When Manuel turned 13 he and his family moved to Eva Valley for a year, then they relocated to Bamyili (Barunga), where they settled and Manuel attended school for just only one day. The reason being he was told by his cousin that if he wanted to stay at school he had to speak English. Manuel felt shame as he could not speak any English so he went bush and never attended school again.

When he was 15, his father taught him the traditional way to do bark painting, teaching him how to harvest and burn the stringy bark, how to straighten it with cross sticks and how to make it ready for painting. He also taught him how to find and use traditional pigments from the bush; white clay (bim); red oxide (marnarr); yellow ochre (gilidih), and black charcoal (jardij). Manuel’s father also used to tell the dreamtime stories about what happened a long time ago when all the animals were human.

Manuel brings his extensive traditional knowledge of culture, art and music into this virtual experience. He will:

  • Play the didgeridoo.
  • Sing while tapping clapsticks.
  • Tell you what it was like growing up in the bush the traditional way.
  • Show you the step by step stages how to complete a Top End Aboriginal painting.
  • Explain the importance of fire to his people and how to light a fire using two sticks.
  • Demonstrate how to throw a spear using a woomera.


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This is a virtual experience. Duration: 1 hour

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