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Aboriginal Cultural Landscape Garden Live Virtual Tour



Join Christian Hampson, founder and CEO of Yerrabingin, for a virtual tour of the recently completed Aboriginal Landscape Cultural Garden in South Eveleigh with a live questions and answers session.

The Aboriginal Cultural Landscape Garden located in South Eveleigh showcases native plant species of cultural significance to Aboriginal people of the Redfern area specifically and New South Wales generally. Designed to aid the health of our rooftop farm, educate the community, and promote Aboriginal cultural heritage. It also works to maintain threatened, endangered and culturally significant species of native medicinal plants and bush foods.

Our guided tours walks you through a living story of native Australia, demonstrating the beauty and features of our natural world through an interactive journey.


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Christian Hampson is a proud Woiwurrung and Maneroo man and a strong advocate for community custodianship in protecting, sharing and celebrating the diverse culture of New South Wales. Christian has an extensive background in Cultural Heritage Management, with over 20 years experience leading the design and delivery of heritage programs in the public sector.  With his interweaving Indigenous tacit knowledge and collaborative design thinking to walk a new path, away from conventional approaches, Yerrabingin has launched the world’s first Indigenous rooftop farm in 2019, located high above Sydney on the roof of Yerrabingin House in South Eveleigh with over 2,500 Australian native plants.


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A Zoom meeting link will be shared with you one day before your scheduled tour, and again one hour before your scheduled tour. Share your tour questions with us in advance via email.

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