Whatchamacallit Episode 6: Matty Mills

An Aboriginal experience up close and personal is unlike anything you have experienced, but before you pack your bags to plant your feet in the desert sands or take the plunge in the clear blue waters of our coastline. Join the Welcome to Country community and take a front seat as we feature some of our most loved artists, change-makers and cultural connoisseurs. We find out what makes them tick and why they are so driven.

Name: Matty Mills  |   Occupation: Actor, TV Host, Tour Guide |  Nation: Kamilaroi |   Date: 21 December 2021  

Vast and dry, the volcanic lands of the Kamilaroi are ageless, the landscape endures like the people endure, as they are disinherited of their plains, waterholes and rivers so essential to the people and their Songlines.  For the Kamilaroi water defines life, the seasonal waterholes and timeless rivers, the Barwon River, Namoi River, Peel River and Darling River carve through the Country. Their continuous flow through land, time and culture are thick in the Kamilaroi ancient stories and Songlines spreading across the Nation.

Water flows through the Dreamtime, the story of Baiame the Sky Father of the Kamilaroi,  from who the people and waters flow. Baiame came down from the sky to the Country creating the rivers, mountains, and forests. Giving the law, Songlines, stories and the life flow to the people.

The Father is central to Matty Mills as it is central to his people the Kamilaroi, growing up with the space of a Father lost, only to rediscover his Sky Father and his Father.

Matty Mills is the quiet achiever of the entertainment industry, recently named Getaways first ever Indigenous presenter. He began his career in 2014 covering the first NAIDOC addition of The Star Observer Magazine with a bold statement; Gay, Black and Proud. From here he has gone on to work as a host for NITV covering everything from Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, The Dreamtime Awards and the Wallabies Test Series. Most recently, Matty Mills is an Entertainment reporter on Big Mob Brekky, Australia’s first all Indigenous morning show, on NITV and SBS and has created his first online series, In The Moment with Matty Mills, a 1-1 conversational series based on the achievements, challenges and stories of Indigenous people from around the world.

Whatchamacallit yarned with Matty on finding his Father, rediscovering his Sky Father and how the rivers of culture ebbed and flowed through his life.

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