Whatchamacallit Episode 5: Ziggy Ramo

An Aboriginal experience up close and personal is unlike anything you have experienced, but before you pack your bags to plant your feet in the desert sands or take the plunge in the clear blue waters of our coastline. Join the Welcome to Country community and take a front seat as we feature some of our most loved artists, change-makers and cultural connoisseurs. We find out what makes them tick and why they are so driven.

Name: Ziggy Ramo   |   Occupation: Musician, Composer, Performer, Writer |  Nation: Wik  |  Date: 19 December 2021   

Gapuwiyak is a Yolŋu community in Arnhem land, built on the lands of the Gupapuyngu peoples. Initially, as a mission in the 1960’s to provide and encourage timber mill workers for self-determination. It’s the place on the shores of Lake Evella, where Ziggy Ramo was immersed growing up and learning the deep complexities of the time-honoured skin and kinship systems.

Ziggy is becoming one of the most important artists in the country, releasing a new powerful statement, reworking Paul Kelly’s ‘From Little Things Big Things Grow’

With no tours happening during Covid, He has developed his second album, and the soon to be released non-fiction book, both titled Human. The book, in his own words, is “part memoir, part history and part cultural reckoning. “Being stuck inside the house has led me to become delusional enough to think that writing a book is a good idea,” Ramo wrote on Instagram, “the ultimate freedom to present my ideas in a way that is accessible for all”.

“I am not speaking on behalf of anyone. I am simply sharing my lived experience.”

We caught up with Ziggy on Whatchamacallit when he was touring with his first Album Black Thoughts within. Part of Ziggy’s achievement on Black Thoughts was to make history palpable through sound.

Join us and hear more about this young musician’s connection to Arnhem land and a community that has amassed one of the largest and finest collections of Indigenous fibre art in the world.

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