Whatchamacallit Episode 1: Stan Grant

An Aboriginal experience up close and personal is unlike anything you have experienced, but before you pack your bags to plant your feet in the desert sands or take the plunge in the clear blue waters of our coastline. Join the Welcome to Country community and take a front seat as we feature some of our most loved artists, change-makers and cultural connoisseurs. We find out what makes them tick and why they are so driven.

Name: Stan Grant    |   Occupation: Journalist, Author, Writer    |    Nation: Wiradjuri
Date: 9 December 2021

The Wiradjuri are known as the three rivers peoples, Wambool (Macquarie), the Kalare (Lachlan) and the Murrumbidjeri (Murrumbidgee). These big water resources replenished wetlands, swamps and grassy plains. The ancient bloodline of the rivers runs deeply through Stan’s memories from the constant movement as a child, through sheer necessity, as his father followed the seasonal work. Knowing poverty is often silent, but Stan’s riches came in the books he read and the stories he heard told.

To many he is the global man reporting the war stories, the risk taker where danger is in each mortar fired, to others he is the author who talks of Country where success is measured very differently. He is the father who remembers the influences of writers such as James Baldwin, it helped to shape his moral compass.

Join us on the winding path of Stan’s travels, his Country and the things that he has picked up along the way.

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