FNTMP success stories: Pete’s Cultural Adventures’ and Rosanna Angus

FNTMP success stories: Pete’s Cultural Adventures’ and Rosanna Angus

Pete’s Cultural Adventures’ is an Indigenous tourism experience that acknowledges the rich cultural heritage of the Miriuwung and Gajerrong clan. It was founded by Peter Sebastian in 2023, a proud Miriuwung Gajirrawoong man with ancestral connections to the Keep River National Park. The business aims to contribute to the economic independence of Indigenous businesses and community.

It provides on-country cultural awareness experiences, including traditional fishing practices, dreaming and cultural storytelling, and bush tucker harvesting. Pete’s business aims to promote intergenerational wealth and economic independence and sustainability.

Pete’s Cultural Adventures was seeking assistance from a FNTMP mentor to improve their business focus areas while maintaining their core mission and service delivery. Rosanna Angus (mentor) assisted with the focus areas identified below.

Business planning and support

  • Supported business and product development to build on core capabilities and business management
  • Established collaborative business support for tour mentoring with a local Aboriginal Business, ‘Just over the Hills Tours’, based in Wyndham
  • Co-designed progression of the tour itinerary and strategic plans for startup in 2024
  • Provided one-on-one, direct mentoring support and advice including on Country

Branding and marketing

  • Established a brand for Pete’s Cultural Adventures with Micromedia including a brochure, business cards and a promo flag to start promoting its tours for next 2024/2025


  • Established industry support and networks with Go Fish Australia and Greater Fishing Adventures to promote Pete’s Cultural Adventures tours under their marketing
  • Supported Pete’s Cultural Adventures with networking opportunities:
  • Connecting with Industry Families and Tourism Australia
  • Hosting two American Fishing Journalists in Kununurra to encourage fishing enthusiasts to travel to Australia for fishing adventures
  • The 30 year Anniversary for Warringarri Media Community event
  • Interview at Warringarri Media (National promotion on ‘Country Matters’)


  • Established a partnership with Woolah Tours, a local business based in Kununurra, for transport

FNTMP mentoring outcomes

The FNTMP has assisted in the growth of Pete’s Cultural Adventures through activities and support that focus on their strategic goals. There was a clear focus on building the brand and providing support to improve product development, strategic business planning, and the business network. Pete’s Cultural Adventures has gained partnerships and valuable connections nationally and internationally through the FNTMP which will set the business up for success in 2024.

If you are a First Nations tourism business and would like support from an experienced tourism professional, register for the FNTMP or learn more at: www.fntmp.com.au

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