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29 May 2022

Top WA Experiences from the City to the Outback

Day One
Begin:  Perth City, Western Australia
Experience: Experience the true history of Perth with Djurandi Dreaming’s Finding Yagan Perth Cultural Tour. Wander through iconic laneways amidst Perth’s city centre, stopping to examine the artworks and architecture of Yagan Square as you learn the stories, connection and importance of the area to First Nations people. Listen as your cultural guide shares the story of Yagan, a Nyungar warrior and resistance fighter for his people and land and learn about the past and present culture and history of the Nyungar people.
Leg:  Perth to Cape Naturaliste
Drive: 261km, approx. 3 hours to Cape Naturaliste
Stay: Cape Naturaliste

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Day Two

Experience:  Cape Cultural Experience
Join Koomal Dreaming in picturesque Cape Country to learn the connection of the Wadandi people to the Margaret River region. Begin your experience with a traditional Welcome to Country delivered by your knowledgable Wadandi guide. Embark on a 2.5km stroll around the tip of Cape Naturaliste, taking in stunning scenery as you learn to identify the flora and fauna of this seasonal landscape. Finally, gather at a private Meeting Place to experience a cultural artefact interpretation and witness an unforgettable didgeridoo performance.
Leg:  Cape Naturaliste to Dumbleyung
Drive: 304 km, approx. 3 hours 40 minutes to Dumbleyung
Stay: Dumbleyung

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Day Three

Experience:  On Country Tour with Yabbie Lunch
Explore the history and culture of the Wilman people at the Golden Outback region’s Lake Dumbleyung with Grant and Anne Riley of Wuddi Aboriginal Cultural Tours. Learn the historical significance of Lake Dumbleyung over time as an important place of spirituality and resources. Take in the beautiful expanse atop the Pussy Cat Hill lookout tower, then visit an emu farm to see emus up close and personal and learn the contemporary uses of emu oil. Later, learn the importance of Dilgi (yabbie) as a food source as you enjoy a guided yabbie farm tour before indulging in a gourmet yabbie lunch.
Stay:  Dumbleyung

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Day Four
Leg:  Dumbleyung to Yellowdine Nature Reserve
Drive: 400km, approx. 4 hours 30 minutes to Yellowdine
Experience: Visit Yellowdine Nature Reserve and enjoy a leisurely walk along the 2.6km Karalee Rocks Extended Loop Trail. Located along the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail, the Karalee Rocks trail takes you on a picturesque, leisurely hike dotted with informative panels sharing the history of the area. As you walk, spot a granite outcrop, interesting structures designed to collect water and a lake surrounded by native flora.
Stay:  Camp on the Nature Reserve or stay in Yellowdine

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Day Five
Yellowdine to Kalgoorlie Boulder
207 km, approx 2 hours
Experience:  Lake Ballard Day Tour
Embark on an outback discovery tour to Lake Ballard with Bush Goodhu Wongutha Tours. Join your cultural guide Linden Brownley as you journey from Kalgoorlie to Lake Ballard, stopping along the way to visit the historic gold mining town of Menzies and learn the Dreaming of culturally significant sites. When you have reached your destination, witness a display of striking black steel Gormley Sculptures scattered around the vast, flat salt lake. While you’re there, learn about the use of traditional tools, try your hand at spear throwing and enjoy a boomerang throwing demonstration. Embark on a bush walk and learn to identify the tracks of native wildlife as you gather bush foods and spot medicinal plants. Linden will share the Wongutha names of places, animals and plants throughout your day, which will end with a chance to enjoy authentic bush damper and delicious billy tea.
Stay:  Kalgoorlie Boulder

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Day Six
Leg:  Kalgoorlie Boulder to Merredin
Drive: 334 km, approx 3 hours 30 minutes
Experience: Stop in and visit the town of Merredin along the Golden Pipeline Heritage Trail. Meander through the bustling township to gaze at historic buildings or venture to the town’s outskirts to spot wildflowers and granite rock sites. Witness uninterrupted vistas of the Merredin township during a moderate bush walk to Merredin Peak and try your luck at spotting native wildlife amidst the native greenery.
Stay: Merredin

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Day Seven

Leg One: Merredin to Gin Gin
Drive:  292 km, approx. 3 hours
Experience: Aboriginal Astronomy
Learn from the world’s first scientists during an Aboriginal Astronomy evening at the Gravity Discovery Centre. Join highly respected Indigenous elder Dr Noel Nannup for a two hour experience beginning with an insightful storytelling session. Afterwards, witness the night sky through the lens of a Traditional Custodian as Dr Nannup uses an outside laser tour to highlight interesting and significant points in the vast evening sky. Listen to a combination of Western and Aboriginal perspectives before taking time to explore the centre’s incredible selection of telescopes.

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Leg Two: Gin Gin to Perth
Drive: 79 km, approx. 1 hour
Stay: Perth