Kim Cream

Experience Development Manager - WA & SA (Experiences)

Kim Cream has over 25 years of experience in the tourism industry. Her expansive experience and broad knowledge including: Aboriginal tourism business development, Regional Manager with Tourism WA, Product Development Manager for Australia’s North West region with Tourism WA and National Park Management.

Kim is empathetic, motivated, creative and driven, but most importantly, she is passionate about showcasing and supporting Aboriginal businesses to ensure they thrive and prosper. Kim is recognised throughout the industry for her compassion and devotion to the niche tourism market of Aboriginal Tourism.

Having worked and lived regionally, Kim has gained extensive knowledge and understanding of issues which impact Indigenous people, communities and their businesses. Over this time Kim has formed an extremely strong network of tourism operators and businesses encompassing tourism: Aboriginal Corporations, land managers,  government, and general tourism stakeholders across Western Australia.

Kim worked with the Western Australian Indigenous Tourism Operators Council (WAITOC) for four years. Kim’s primary focus is on product development for Aboriginal tourism businesses throughout WA. In October 2020 Kim joined Welcome to Country Ltd in a Business Development role for WA and has recently picked up South Australia to her portfolio.

Kim’s unique coaching techniques, own brand of humour and contagious enthusiasm enables her to adapt individual coaching styles through relationship building with humility, respect, tolerance & adaptability. An absolute passion for the delivery of quality tourism industry outcomes, and a commitment to excellence in service is what drives Kim in all areas of her work.