Glenn Marsden

Head of Business Development

Glenn Marsden is the Founder of one of Australia’s most Publicised Initiatives ‘Imperfectly Perfect’. He is also an International Public Speaker and the humble success behind his organisation ‘Imperfectly Perfect’, which gained Global Recognition within 12 months and has seen over 350+ of the world’s most Influential Public Figures get on board with an exponential reach of over 5 million, challenging the culture and narrative around Mental Health.

Glenn has been featured in over 100+ Publications and Networks and scaled his work into an International Organisation establishing leading workshops, programs for leading Fortune 500 companies and a virtual academy for the Youth of Tomorrow.

Glenn has strengths and a proven record of results in marketing, joint ventures/affiliates, branding, product creation, networking, public relations, building relationship capital, event promotion, social media, content creation and management.