Carly Reeve

Experiences Team Support Officer

Carly brings with her a diverse range of skills, her background in Administration and her creative drive and passion for being involved in a heart led industry is what has drawn her to Welcome to Country. 

Pursuing her creative endeavours, Carly studied a Diploma of Fashion Design and Tech from 2007-2009 at Cooloola institute of TAFE. Up until 2017 she honed her skills in Development and Production for Australian clothing labels such as GRAB Denim and Wicked Weasel Swimwear. 

Whilst learning the industry from multiple backgrounds, that being large scale manufacturing and studio design and development, Carly recognised her passion growing for environmentally conscientious awareness within the workplace and her interpersonal qualities whilst working with and supervising large amounts of staff. 

Whilst starting an Eco-Friendly Cleaning business she soon branched out to casually work for a boutique label called Raphael Clothing in which was lovingly drenched in ethical production. 

Taking on further positions in line with her values, over the following years Carly began working in various Disability Support roles, Personal Assisting and an Administration Manager role at an environmentally responsible natural health clinic.

Carly’s work ethics, dedication towards team support and personable character is among some of the values she brings to the team. Working with Welcome to Country is a flow on effect of a conscious decision to remain working within her values and beliefs of a sustainable and healthy future for us all.