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01 November 2021

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Food Gift Guide

Food is an incredible way to bring people together over the holiday period, whether you’re laughing over a Christmas feast or sharing a calming cup of tea with loved ones. Celebrate Country and Christmas with your friends and family through our range of delicious foods that are expertly curated by First Nations people, intertwining native flavours that add a refreshing twist to the dishes we know and love.

Mabu Mabu Spices

Mabu Mabu’s delicious range of spices are the perfect Christmas gift for home chefs. From salt bush to pepperberry, these incredible spices will inspire your loved ones to creatively explore native Australian flavours in the kitchen. Add a sprinkle of strawberry gum for a delightfully fruity cake or sprinkle some lemon aspen salt on your favourite seafood for a zesty finish. Whatever you love to cook, these spices are sure to elevate your dishes with the added touch of Country.

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Ambers Food Wraps

For the environmentally savvy friend, Amber’s Food Wraps are the perfect way to shop with purpose this Christmas. The 100% cotton wraps are decorated with incredible designs by the traditional owners of the Northern Territory and are sure to keep your Christmas leftovers fresh and tasty. Dipped and finished in organic beeswax, organic resin and organic jojoba oil, the wraps have antibacterial properties and can be reused for up to 12 months, making them the perfect present your loved ones can enjoy all year.

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Mabu Mabu Sauces

Mabu Mabu is a saying from the Torres Strait meaning “Help yourself” and that’s exactly what you’ll want to do with these flavourful sauces, from spicy pineapple hot sauce to succulent Island Marinade. Created by talented Chef Nornie Bero, originally from Mer Island in the Torres Strait, these sauces reflect Nornie’s passion for generosity and flavour. Whether you want to gift your friends with a delicious kitchen addition or add unique flavours to the Christmas table, these sauces are sure to bring smiles these holidays.

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Warndu Spices

Amplify your Christmas cooking or treat the masterchef in your life to incredible native flavours with Warndu’s spices. Freeze dried finger lime makes the perfect, citrusy addition to your favourite smoothie, or add a dash of anise myrtle as a delicious, native liquorice alternative. Native Thyme is another kitchen staple, traditionally used for medicinal purposes and a great, minty addition to any dish.

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Bush Food Chocolates by Chocolate on Purpose

Christmas is a great time to try new things and why not start with some amazing Bush Food Chocolates! Chocolate on Purpose is a proud Aboriginal owned business dedicated to showcasing sweet native flavours through unique, handmade chocolates. Whether your loved ones prefer white, dark or milk chocolate, there is a creamy treat for everyone to enjoy, featuring flavours such as Illawarra Plum, Rainforest Lime and Wild Rosella.

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Warndu Tea

There’s nothing better than a warm cup of tea to help you relax after the Christmas festivities. Every tea lover is sure to enjoy Warndu’s hand blended Quandong and Anise Myrtle tea, grown and packaged in Australia with 100% native ingredients. Quandong is a wild peach found in Adnyamathanha Country (Flinders Ranges), while Anise Myrtle boasts a licorice flavour and is wild harvested across Eastern Australia. The sweet and sour peachy taste is perfectly paired with a hint of aniseed, making this the perfect fruity drink to enjoy over the holiday period.

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Mabu Mabu Tea

Not only does Mabu Mabu make incredible sauces and spices, they also have a range of tea that are perfect for gifting this Christmas. Friends and family with a sweet tooth will love the rich and flavoursome Wattleseed Hot Chocolate that celebrates native flavours with hints of aniseed myrtle and raw sugar. Or, try the aromatic chai with a combination of Indigenous spices from cinnamon myrtle to pepperberry, perfectly blended to create this delicious twist on a classic beverage.

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Shop with Purpose this Christmas. Keep exploring our incredible range of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inspired gifts.

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